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l'espace est large

l'espace est large

l'espace est large

l'espace est petit

l'espace est vide

<<could you please look for audio-notes on your smartphone?>>
click REC.

l'espace est pleine

breath calm and look around you.

where are you?

are you sitting or standing? 


at which distance from the wall at your right?

is there silence?

are you alone?

I don't think so...
someone, close or farer, is there.

you r connected through words, images, some objects you carry with you, soft vibrations

the story starts now, on the 20 of January 2019, it has always already started.the event happened when it stops to not-writing(1)

<<check your position.

is the one you wanna keep?>>

words are already gravitating
around you
(open softly the joints to allow them the flow into your body)
when they meet your throat they come into temporary existence 
when a word come into existence it becomes heavier,
it attracts other words
let go the voice

close your eyes

try to see what is there

take your time

(take notes, drawing, lines... Keep them with you during the travel)

Titre 6
or leave them here >>>
(here the worlds are build like this)
more abou?
can we continue to imagine together?
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